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Decoration Methods

Decoration Methods of Promotional Products


This is the most popular method. (Printing and Set-Up Costs are calculated by the number of colours required).

• Screen-printing is done on clothing and some bags.

• Pad-printing is done on smaller items, such as pens and keyrings.

• Off-Set and Digital printing are done on mousemats and other items that require a 'full colour' decoration.


This cost is calculated by the number of stitches within each embroidery decoration. Set-Up costs apply when a specific logo is prepared for the first time only.

• Used to decorate headwear, clothing and some bags.

Laser Engraving

This cost is calculated by how long it takes to engrave your logo. A laser beam is used to permanently mark your logo into a metal, wood or leather surface.

• Used to decorate items such as keyrings, stainless steel mugs, pens and compendiums.

Foil Printing

 A metallic foil is heated onto a product using a hot "logo'd" stamp.

• Used to decorate compendiums and other vinyl or leather products, as well as certain types of fridge magnets.


 A hot stamp is applied which brands your logo onto the item, leaving a subtle indentation.

• Used on some leather and vinyl products.


  A metal, rubber or PVC badge of your logo is prepared and then attached to the chosen product.

• Used mainly on bags and caps.