Promotional Headwear in Australia by Adcall

At Adcall Promotions, we can provide your company with a large variety of head wear that will make your company unforgettable! We see headwear as a top pick for any promotional merchandise because of their affordability, high impact and their appeal to everyone. Hats are obviously weather dependant but they can be used in all weather conditions, when it gets sunny people reach for the broad brim hats, bucket hats, straw hats and more. When the weather turns for the worst, people are still reaching to wear hats – and they could be promoting your company at the same time! Depending on the style of hat your company chooses, Adcall Promotions can provide simple and subtle embroidery or a powerful brand coloured design with multiple logos, wording and more, the design choices are up to you.
Our promotional hats can come in many different styles with some including, akubra, beanies and bandanas, bucket hats, caps, straw hats, trucker caps, visors and wide brimmed hats, you name it we have it! We are able to supply these hats undecorated with no promotional branding, or if you prefer to have your company’s logo or message featured then embroidery or screen-printed will be available to you. We have numerous pieces available in stock, so we have no doubt that your company will find an affordable and versatile base design to share your logo through.
Promotional headwear is a fantastic way to advertise your company because of the continuous use that these hats will provide. They make a great give-away or can be on-sold at your next event or function. If you’re running an outdoor event, include the promotional hat in a give-away bag and they will be used instantly or give them to staff or key personnel as part of an event uniform. As mentioned before, our high end choices such as the akubra or selected straw hats can be used as special draw prizes or if you are looking to spice up your event, include these as part of the uniform. Use your imagination or ask one of our friendly staff for their creative ideas.
With each different hat there are different levels of branding and printing available so if you need help regarding promotional branding or are just looking for some friendly guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3376 2988 to speak to one of our experienced staff members.