Health, Fitness and Grooming

Adcall Promotions stocks a large number of items that can be categorised under health, fitness and grooming. Each of these items are individual to themselves and to the category so no matter what your company’s looking for, we will have the item to suit it! By choosing a health, fitness and grooming item to promote your business you are sending a positive and caring message to your client with a compassionate message that will set your company apart from your competitors. These items are a great use for branding at big events, small events or even just a giveaway to your clients, the options are endless!

For a more personal approach, why not try out our extensive range body and skin care products which include bath beads, bath salts, after sun gel, aromatherapy lotions and conditioners, body fragrances and many more. These products come in different packaging, colours, bottling and smells so each product can be specifically tailored to your company’s logo or company message. Other personal promotional items that will show your clients your diversity include eye masks, aromatherapy, hand sanitiser, lip balm, massagers, mirrors and pill boxes.

A popular promotional product that is highly regarded to brand is a first aid and safety kit. Items included can be sold separately or together in a kit, depending on what your company is looking to brand. These products are a useful way to provide care and safety to your clients whilst simultaneously getting your brand out there. Inclusive in the kit is scissors, bandaids, bandages, tape, safety pins and more. Alternatively, if you were hoping to just provide a single item then browse through our assortment of safety lights, hot and cold packs, thermometers, first aid key rings and pocket knives.

If the above descriptions weren’t jumping out at you then scroll through our other products such as; ear plugs, face paint, glasses and accessories, pedometers, soap and tissues. Each product comes with its own branding, colour and shape specifications and we know this can get confusing, please do not hesitate to contact Adcall Promotions on (07) 3376 2988 and talk to one of friendly staff members for advice or quoting.