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Tips For Finding Products

Hints and Tips for Searching the Adcall Web Site

Searching the Adcall web site for promotional products is easy.  Either via our home page or the search tab.

Simply enter the key word you are looking for and then enter.

If you are looking for a specific word make sure you tick the "Exact Phrase" button other wise a word like pen will be contained in other words like Opener.

After you have entered you key word you can narrow down your seach by category and then sub category.


If you are looking for a Pink Ladies Polo:

Enter the word pink in the search field, Tick exact phrase and then enter.

This result will give you all products that are available in Pink.

Now go to the drop down box named Category, and select Apparel.  If you like you can now click the search button and the results will show you all the Apparel that is available in Pink.

To narrow this selection down to Ladies Polo Shirts go to the drop down names Sub Category and select Ladies Polo Shirts and click Search.

The results will now show you only the Polo Shirts that are available in Pink.

Remember however that sometimes a colour might be named slightly differently than we would imagine, and an example of this for Pink might be Fushia.

But don't worry if you can't find exactly what you want just Call or Email us and we would be more than happy to find your product for you.

Happy Searching!