Ipad and Mobile Phone Accessories

Promotional IPad and Mobile Phone Accessories are an extremely popular choice as a promotional product – lets face it young or old mobile phones are part of our lives and never very far away from us. Use this to your advantage giving an IPad or Mobile Phone accessory branded with your logo or message. Keeping your brand front of mind

Items to consider in this category

•Cable Organisers and gadgets

•iPad, Phone and Tablet Cases

•Mobile Phone and IPad Chargers



•Power Banks

•Screen Cleaners

•Selfie Sticks

Power Banks are fairly new to the promotional Products range and we have found these to be extremely popular amongst our customers, Power banks work by holding charge in the device so that where ever you are you able to charge your phone or mobile device perfect for those clients on the go.

Pop a phone or tablet stand on the desks of your market and your logo will always be visible

An ever popular accessory is the phone wallet – a powerful and inexpensive promotional product, these work by adhering to the back of a phone with 3M removable tape creating a wallet to store business cards, go cards, credit cards or even headphones. Some models have inbuilt stands as well, how smart is that!

Logos can be full Colour or single Colour or ever de bossed to create the perfect promotional product.

Screen cleaners again are an inexpensive and useful promotional product full Colour printing is available on most options allowing you to create something very unique – lots of area for the perfect promotional message or image

What can we say about the selfie stick it needs no introduction Bluetooth or cable who doesn't want a selfie stick to creat the perfect photo.