Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles in Australia by Adcall

As a promotional product, water bottles or drink bottles can be categorised as one of the most effective ways to promote your brand on a product because of their continuous use. It is highly likely that most people own a water bottle that they have received from giveaways at events or specific prize draws and still continue to use it today. The importance of how much water to drink (eight glasses or two litres is often cited as the daily recommended minimum) has been etched into our brains, so even those who do not participate in sporting events are likely to be using a water bottle for their personal daily needs. Here at Adcall Promotions, our water bottle range comes in all shapes, colours, sizes and styles that can be personalised with your company’s logo or message to create a fantastic promotional giveaway that will make your company remembered.

Adcall Promotions supplies a large range of personalised promotional water bottles for companies and organisations that are then distributed all around Australia. The choice is far from limited with our premium stainless steel drink bottles which are ideal for the eco-friendly and health conscious and for everyone who is on the run. The stainless steel collection also includes over thirty different styles to choose from that range from vacuum bottles, flavours bottles and thermal mugs. Our company can also provide you with fun and affordable plastic water bottles that suit any company because of their diversity and colour range. As plastic bottles are most commonly used for promotional products, we stock over eighty different types to best suit your ideas. Adcall Promotions also has aluminium bottles that are great for keeping water temperatures stable and stocks a select range of bottled spring water that can be printed with a personalised label. The many different varieties that are available will ensure that your company receives a product that will enhance its image whilst promoting healthy living.

With each different water bottle, there are different levels of branding and printing that can be applied; from small logos to large panels that can be completed with any company information, contacts or special messages. If you are having trouble deciding which bottle best suits your company’s practicality and image or if you need ideas to make use of the potential of promotional water bottles, please do not hesitate to call us on (07) 3376 2988 to speak to one of our experienced staff members.